25 februari 2018

All about myself

I just aborted a profile in because it would have cost me money to get it online. It says something about me. So I kept it, an improved it a bit, and added the picture I would have chosen.


Born 1956. Dr Med. Still active in family care as a general practitioner in Brussels, Belgium. Author of several published novels since 1986. Not being a mystic myself I am enthralled by mysticism in the Christian and Islamic traditions. The pursuit of truth and the vocation of care are based on the vast literature that we possess today about the spiritual journey of man- and womanhood in the course of time.

Research Interests

Not really the ones I imagined, but this is what the site came up with to lure me in:

• Social and Cultural
• Anthropology
• Historiography
• Early Modern
• Europe
• History
• Self and Identity
• Witches

There was more, but this is enough. I like witches by the way. Well, now you know.


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