To the English blog
Dear reader,
We are delighted to present our newest initiative: the English blog.
As we get so many reactions from English speaking people all over the world, asking what this site is about, we will try to arrange a proper webcorner, where we all can understand each other, provided you read English of course.
Well, what is this site about? It is mainly in Dutch as you may have noticed. ‘Google translate’ may help but it asks for manipulations, and it can get awkward results, which will add to the confusion. So here we are in the language of Shakespeare.
What can you expect?
The website is inspired by Pasquino, the talking statue in Rome, who commented on the folly of the day for many centuries, starting in the early sixteenth century.
It inspired us enough to compose a daily calendar, containing a sonnet for each day of the year. Online available under ‘Archief.’
Another source of inspiration is Miguel Molinos, a Spanish priest who was arrested and found guilty by the Holy Roman Inquisition in 1687. He advocated a way of meditating ‘that frees the soul from tribulations.’ Successful at first, drawing attention from the highest circles, including Pope Innocent XI, he incurred the wrath of king Louis XIV. We wrote a novel about Molinos, the last heretic and heresiarch, officially condemned as such and punished with life imprisonment. The book is in Dutch of course, and can be obtained through our internet shop.
Last but not least, counting as a source of inspiration is our daily life and work. As a general practitioner I am lucky enough to meet so many people every day who share a little piece of their lives with me. It makes me realize the privilege I enjoy, living in a wealthy country, having access to education and information, still able to work in the most beautiful profession of the world, which provides social respect, income and financial security.
Except the fact that I work hard, there is no reason that I deserve all this. A lot of it is due to the place and family I was born and brought up in. You can’t choose that.

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